Upside down crescent moon necklace with horn

Upside down crescent moon necklace meaning

A crescent sign whether it is upside down that is the moon points are facing down is a goddess sign. A upside down crescent moon symbol is often associated with celtic culture and called celtic crescent moon necklace.

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A upside crescent moon necklace may also mean it is waning or waxing moon. Some also suggest that if the points of the moon is facing up it is a male god. And there is another upside down crescent moon symbol which consists of circles.

The three disc necklace

The three disc necklace is also known as triple goddess moon. It is also again a celtic crescent moon symbol. The triple crescent moon symbolizes celtic culture and it is a goddess sign.

The triple goddess moon or triple crescent moon is called a Wiccan symbol. Triple goddess moon symbols are mainly associated with Women, Creativity and growth. A crescent moon symbol generally associated with restart.

Vintage statement necklace

These upside down crescent moon necklaces are generally vintage looking. These vintage statement necklaces gel with your modern clothes and gives you a different look. Celtic necklaces mimic the old Irish designs and those three disc necklaces, triple goddess moon symbol are ancient. These vintage but yet modern necklaces are made with bronze, silver and other metal alloys. They are not made shiny, duh they will lose the ancient celtic look then.

Like other necklaces you will also see upside down crescent moon with star symbol. These do not have any special meaning but they do look beautiful.

Celtic upside down crescent necklaces are also made with bone and horn. Miley Cyrus did wore something like this.

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A crescent horn necklace

Crescent horn necklace are made with bone which are whitish and yellowish material. And these are upside down or in the opposite position. When the points are upward they look similar to horns. They are known as crescent moon double horn necklace or crescent moon horn necklace.

Crescent moon double horn necklace made with bone naturally looks old but not so vintage. Crescent moon horn necklaces are generally coupled with golden chain and the piece that holds the moon is of metal. It could be of gold but not always.

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Upside down moon choker necklace

Upside down crescent moon and star

Upside down horn necklace

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