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Where to buy Italian Horn necklace?

These pendants can be purchased from few outlets in Italy and the United States, but the most popular way to buy is online. No doubts that it is easier to buy online because you can find a wast variety of Italian Horn necklace’s and its special editions.


Double horn necklace meaning

Horn necklace meaning

Crescent horn meaning

Horn jewelry meaning

Gold horn necklace meaning

Horned moon meaning

Horn charm meaning

Italian horn necklace for women

It is a necklace with an Italian horn which provides protection against evil eye. This pendant is unisex, but there are editions for women with decorations on the surface of the primary attribute. Mostly you can find the attribute very glossy, covered with little pieces of any crystals or with engraved decorations which make the design very elegant!


Sterling Silver Italian Horn necklace

The Italian Horn amulet is a symbol of good luck, and is the precise necklace to wear to welcome good things into your life! This type of pendant and the bone material is covered with a thin layer of sterling silver which suits very splendid with formal wear.


White Gold Italian Horn necklace

This symbolic good luck charm features a small polished Italian Horn mostly in 10K or 14K white gold. This type of jewellery necklace is also a stylish look for both men and women and is a must have for charm lovers!


Diamond Italian Horn necklace

The beautiful Italian Horn necklace is crafted from the sterling silver or gold plating and is decorated with a diamond. The decorations may vary because it totally depends on from the crafter. This pendant is mostly worn by the women who like luxury and smartness.


Kay Jewelers: Italian Horn necklace

Kay Jewelers is known as a well-crafted jewellery seller with a mix of quality, price and luxuriance. You can buy an Italian Horn necklace with yellow gold and two-tone gold coverings with unique decorations which fit your style. A perfect gift for the person you love!


Italian Horn necklace history

Italian Horn necklace is providing protection against the evil eye and from the curse. Mostly it is worn by the native people from where it came, and nowadays it became popular to wear worldwide! It is said that the shape of the amulet is inspired by the chilli pepper.


Red Italian Horn necklace

Small Italian Horns, other called “cornicellos”, are used for this type of jewellery. Traditionally “cornicellos” were made from silver and coral red. It is possible to buy the amulet in the original shape or in the shape of the coral which is rather rare. All of these necklaces are looking, even more better with golden decorations.


Large Italian Horn necklaces

These amulet’s, who are providing protection from evil eye and bad luck, size can vary. The small Italian Horn amulet can be the average size of 2cm and the large one in the size of 4.4cm. Some of them can be very different, smaller or even bigger in dimensions.


Crystal Italian Horn necklace

Incredibly gorgeous and special edition of the necklace is embedded with the crystal decorations of beads. In this case, Italian horn pendants are made from silver which fits with crystal embedding. No doubt that this Italian Horn pendant looks incredibly elegant!


Italian Horn necklace in Amazon

In Amazon’s website, you can find variety of all kinds of Italian Horn necklaces! Starting from simple ones to mastercraft pieces, you can find very special editions where you can not find anywhere else! In some cases, it is better to buy from the online shop rather from online jewellery company’s website.


Black Italian Horn necklace

This type of Italian Horn necklace is more popular among the men because of the solid black colour. The chain can be made from black beads and sterling silver which fits with the pendant the most.


Dolce & Gabanna Italian Horn necklace

Even though Dolce&Gabanna brand is very popular but also you can find a shocking variety of the jewellery. To tell the truth, you can find Italian Horn necklaces, and they cost quite expensive, but there is no doubt about the quality!

Other type of Horn necklaces

Horn necklace

The primary attribute of the horn necklace is mostly made from a little bone, and in Italian, it is called “cornicello”. This small bone is in a shape of a cone, and its end is curved, tapered. The chain typically is made from metal, but it can be a rope or other elastic material. You can see that the top of the horn is painted in the gold colour and has a little ring on the top that pendant could be attached.


Double horn necklace

Double Horn necklace has the disk of the crescent moon shape and a thin metal chain. Originally you can find that the crescent moon disk is made from the bone material and its endings are painted in a solid gold colour. The chain typically is made from metal.


Gold horn necklace

The main difference from the horn necklace that this one is plated with a thin gold layer and mostly it is of 24 carats. This type of chaplet is most suitable for women. Nevertheless, people love to wear them in the formal meetings.

French horn necklace

This type of necklace uses a French horn which symbolises love to music and to music history that changed the world. The chain is made just from the metal, and all of the materials are covered in a thin layer of gold or silver. To summarise, this would be a perfect gift for a person who loves to sing, perform or just who loves music!


Gold Italian Horn necklace

The most important part of this necklace is the Italian horn which is formerly called “Corno”. The shape of the “corno” is wavy, and it is made from the bone material. Moreover, “cornicello” is smaller and is less curved than the “corno”. This type of jewellery is covered in a thin layer of gold.


What is the meaning of horn necklace?

Horns are so called an ancient symbol of the Gods and have been associated with the worship of the Divine perhaps from the beginning of the human consciousness. Stone Age art depicts everywhere men wearing this attribute and antlers. This necklace symbolises the spiritual power and male virility.


What is the meaning of the Italian Horn necklace?

Italian Horn is an ancient magical charm which protects from the evil eye when worn. Nevertheless, people do not know, but this charm also symbolises sexual power and good luck. Nowadays, people called this amulet as a “Lucifer’s Horn” or “Satan’s Horn” but this is nonsense because they were seen as the horns of the moon goddess.


Crescent horn necklace

The primary attribute of this horn is shaped like a crescent, and it is made from the bone material. The chain is made from the metal and usually it is covered in the thin layer of silver or gold. The necklace is small, and the symbol is minimalistic but for sure it is very elegant!


Blue French horn necklace

It is a different type of jewellery because of its colour variation. The Blue French Horn, which symbolises love to the music and music history, is in blue colour. Originally the symbol is very detailed, and you can see all the parts of the instrument very clearly. The chain of this blue crescent necklace is mostly made from silver or brass.


Italian Horn necklace for men

Some people are wearing the same as the women, but most of the men are thinking it is just for women. This is not truth because all of the times Italian Horn necklace was worn by both, men and females. People start making this jewellery chain coarser, and it is so called jewellery for men.


Hermes horn necklace

The symbol of the Hermes Horn necklace is in a shape of “O” letter. Furthermore, it can be the same but with the waves inside the space. Moreover, the symbol can be in the circle form and mostly with “H” gravitated inside. The primary attribute of the pendant is made from the bone material, but the chain can be done as rhombus and wooden style, can be from silver or rope.


White gold Italian Horn necklace

It is historically known that Italian Horn, so-called “Corno”, is a good luck amulet so you can wear it with confidence! Mostly all of the materials are covered in a small layer of white gold. This is the most elegant necklace you or your beloved person could wear!


Silver Italian Horn necklace

The primary attribute of the necklace is mostly made from a little bone, and in Italian, it is called “cornicello”. This small horn is in a shape of a cone, and its end is curved, tapered. The chain typically is made from metal, but it can be a rope or other elastic material. The “cornicello” is covered in a thin layer of the silver and sometimes its top is with decorations.


Buffalo horn necklace

Nowadays most of this type of jewellery comes from water buffalos. Thanks to the technology it is available to apply a colour variety of caramel, onyx, sand, chocolate and cream colour to the horn which makes the necklace even more special! The segments of the chain are made from bone, and they are all linked to each other.


Bull’s horn necklace

The primary attribute of the necklace is made from the bull’s horn, and it can be shaped as you wish. Mostly it is in the form of a tusk, rectangular, crescent or any you can imagine. The colour can be yellow, grey, black, white, brown and when crafted, it is never the same. The chain can be made from metal, rope or beads.


Deer horn necklace

In most cases, this necklace can represent deer’s antlers, one or more tusk’s attached to the string. The antlers or tusks are made from the animal’s horn, and it can be naturally darker colour, mostly greyish or light brown. Furthermore, the chain is made from the metal; it can also be from rope or beads.


Unicorn horn necklace

The most magical necklace that you can find! It is said that it protects against all manner of evil, heals from epilepsy, heart palpitation, melancholy and another type of illnesses. Unicorn horn is also called as an alicorn, and it is beautifully twisted. The chain is mostly made from the metal because the alicorn is quite heavy.

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