How to buy products based on reviews?

Let’s assume you know what you want to buy

What you need

Now you might just buy it from sites like Amazon, ebay but are you making the right decision?

Are you making the right decision when choosing your seller?

Few questions that you must ask yourself first here are them –

  • How old is his shop?
  • How many Good reviews he got?
  • How many Bad reviews he got?
  • What is his delivery time?

Why age of the seller account matters

If the seller is old then he is actually doing it full time or this account of his in amazon, ebay provides him enough money to keep it up.

He provides good service and earns enough and because of that he is able to do it for a long time. So if the seller is selling your selected product for a long time go for it.

Good review and spam

A lot of good reviews means your seller is awesome at delivering what he promises on the products page.

But if got all 5 star reviews then there could be something wrong. Recently amazon had removed many fake reviews and accounts for this issue. These people were tricking people by posing fake reviews making those seller account appear premium.

Please note that there could be bad reviews of a good seller in his early days, so please check the recent reviews first.

Bad reviews matters –

A huge number of bad reviews which says product not as described, too long delivery time, bad customer support etc. You should stay away from them.

You should go through a lot of reviews to identify which are genuine, some people just hate everything and show their anger unnecessarily.

Also put emphasis on the latest reviews – sellers may get bad reviews when they were new and starting up.

Delivery time

You definitely would not want to wait long for your product to arrive at you. People line up in front of apple stores at night to get their new phone.

Check when the seller can deliver your product, less time with great shipment companies (FedEx, DHL) is better.

If you search crescent moon necklace amazon on amazon, you will get a lot of results from $3 to $300. Now you may pick the one which looks bet but … are you sure yow will get the same product as in the image. Same crescent moon necklace that you selected.

How do you know that the jewellery is well built? How do you know that the shine of the jewelry will not go off? You read the reviews.

What you should read first is the bad reviews and identify the haters and the actual people who feel this product is crap. There are also paid reviews, you should not fell into their trap.

Paid reviews are generally copy pasted text with no emotions. You can notice this if you read them carefully. I have even seen same reviews on different products many times :p

Now basic rule of buying products based on reviews – do not buy if negative reviews are very high – more than 50% bad reviews means you should not buy it. Unless you like it very much.

Should you only read reviews from the online store from where you are buying it from?

Nope. Copy the product name search in google (product name) + (reviews). You will find a lot of websites from where you can check out a lot of product reviews. Search in youtube, you will get a lot of videos on it. It is a electrical device then there will be a lot of videos. I have not seen much videos on jewelry on youtube. I guess no one spends time on products which costs less. And the higher end jewelry, I think who wear it do not have the time.

How to buy products based on reviews from samglow

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