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Does a crescent moon and star necklace mean anything?

You might be thinking this because you may be thinking of buying a crescent star necklace or already bought a crescent moon with star necklace.

Now your half moon and star necklace could be of silver, could be of gold or could have some diamonds or other stones. But does this crescent moon and star necklace mean anything? Something?

Well as per Wikipedia here and some other sources and from real live people these star and crescent moon necklaces mean nothing in particular.

The crescent star symbol was used by the Ottoman empire and been in use since 19th century. Now the crescent symbol also mean (in celtic) a goddess symbol, three circles. This symbol also is a symbol goddess Diana (Greek).

Crescent moon and star necklace

Crescent moon and star necklace is necklace, generally for women which consists of a sickle shaped moon and a star.

Crescent moon and star pendant could be made with silver, gold or could include a diamond. A 14k star and crescent necklace is sure thing to turn heads towards you. Star and crescent necklace are available with leather or silver chain. These moon jewelry are not cheap if made with high priced alloy like gold.

Crescent moon and star pendant

In a crescent and star necklace the center pendant is the main attraction. These pendants are available in different sizes from large to tiny moon necklaces.

Crescent moon galaxy necklace

A cheap but beautiful alternative could be a crescent moon galaxy necklace. These are not crescent and star necklace. They got a big piece of glass pendant which generally shows the night sky with lots of stars.

Sometimes these blue or galaxy necklaces are combined with a star or a sickle moon separately.

Although a Crescent and star necklace is something different. Here is the star is generally small and the moon is bigger. Some of these star and crescent moon necklace are of celtic design and made with silver.

Some gold crescent and star necklace can also be found in popular web stores.

Crescent moon and star jewelry

It does not end with necklaces, there are many more verities of moon and star jewelry available. One such crescent moon and star jewelry is crescent moon and star earrings.

crescent moon and star earrings can be heavy sometimes thus placing pressure on your ear so chose wisely. These earrings consists of a moon and star and sometimes with small shiny stones. These moon and star jewelry are made of alloy, silver or with gold. We do not see any which is made of white gold.

Crescent moon and star necklace gold

Some of us can not imagine jewelry such as Crescent moon and star necklace without gold. A crescent moon star necklace can be made of silver, metal alloy or with gold.

The gold used crescent moon and star necklace can be rose gold or white gold. Special care should be taken for these crescent moon and star necklaces as daily tear can ruin their shine.

Gold crescent moon and star necklace is generally popular among girls and great for all purpose wear.

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