Blue crescent moon necklace and diamond

Meaning of blue crescent moon necklace

Crescent moon symbolism – A crescent moon typically means a sign of re birth, restart and pagan moon good. A crescent moon necklace has no meaning as such but the symbol that the crescent jewellery carries is same as the crescent moon symbolism.

A blue crescent moon necklace is also known as crescent moon galaxy necklace. It is called a galaxy necklace as the main piece in this crescent jewellery shows a picture of a galaxy. Which is typically in blue color. This blue crescent moon necklaces are very beautiful and cheap. They are not so durable but should do great with normal wear and tear.

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Blue diamond crescent moon necklace

This type of blue crescent necklace got shiny rhodium plated main piece with blue diamonds on it. The rhodium may also be black. It is very beautiful and as long as the rhodium stays it stays shiny. Blue diamond moon necklace is a costly one.

Blue Half crescent moon necklace

A blue crescent moon necklace is already a half of a full moon? Then does this points to small crescent necklaces?

Sometimes it does but most of the time it points to a crescent jewlery with a big blue diamond in the middle.

Antique blue crescent moon necklace

Some people just LOVE vintage jewelleries. And when antique crescent moon necklace comes in front of their site they just cannot resist them. Some antique crescent moon necklaces are celtic moon necklace and some look old. Some do not look old but the designs are vintage or ancient looking.

Antique crescent jewellery can be coupled with a bright blue stone and it could be a small chain or with a long chain.

Big blue crescent moon necklace

Some prefer small jewellery but some prefer big blue crescent moon necklaces. These are generally coupled with a long chain. The main big piece is generally what we have seen in galaxy necklaces and it could also be big diamond looking stone too.

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