Sailor Moon Necklace

Moon Necklace

You can choose from any of the moon phase for this necklace! This pendant possesses mysterious power, and the primary attribute can be shaped from metal, any other material and also it can be in the form of a sphere (like 3D).

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Moon and Star Necklace

This type of pendant has a crescent moon and a star attached to it which makes it even more unique! You can find many variations of this necklace, e.g.: all of the components are the part of the chain. The size and the shape of these attributes can vary, depending on the crafter.


Sailor Moon Necklace

This type of jewellery is very different because you can find a lot of the various kinds of it in the market. Mostly the necklace can be with the crescent moon and a girl sailor attached to it; it can be in a shape of heart or circle with colourful stones. Mostly these pendants can be golden or if unique, in red or pink colour.


Golden Moon Necklace

This mysterious moon necklace becomes even more elegant when it is covered with a thin layer of gold! The chain of this pendant can be very fine or coarse but the finer it is, the better it looks. The most current phase of the earth’s satellite used in this pendant is the crescent.


Half Moon Necklace

It is a shaped half moon necklace which symbolises wishes, hopes and intention. It can be made from gold, silver, sometimes brass and the chain is mostly manufactured from the metal. In some of the pendants, you can find images, other symbols.


Silver Moon Necklace

The moon necklace looks even better when it is covered with a thin layer of silver! When it comes to colours, when the colours fit each other it can look so much more charming and more mysterious!


Full Moon Necklace

Beautifully handcrafted pendant where you can see a Full Moon figure and some of them have an image. These images are protected by the glass that it would not wear off. The necklace and the parts of it are made from silver or gold, and the chain is coarser than usually.


Diamond Moon Necklace

The necklace is made from gold or sterling silver and features a shiny, clean diamond. As the other moon pendants, it is in the shape of all the phases. The perfect necklace for the people who love minimalistic jewellery and luxury!


Sterling Silver Moon Necklace

When it comes to sterling silver, the Moon necklace looks even better! The chain is little coarser which gives the unique pendant view. There are a lot of available editions of these pendants, depending which type you would like to have and what kind of decorations!


Sun Moon Necklace

These two attributes enhance the view of the necklace, and they are attached to each other. The tiny details of the moon and the sun gives an excellent look to the pendant. Mostly the chain of the pendant is made from the silver, gold or the rope material.


Moon and Sun Necklace set

This set suits perfectly if you want to give one part of the set to the person you love, your best friend or to your soulmate! Moon and Sun necklaces are included, and they can be made from any material. The chain is made from the rope, gold, silver or brass.


Moon Dust Necklace

This Moon necklace is unique because it contains dust of fossils or the meteorites! The dust is kept in the little glass bulb and on the top there is metal opening for the glass bulb. The chain is fine and made from the metal.


Meaning of the Moon Necklace

The Romans and Greeks have linked moonstones to the Lunar Gods. The actual meaning of the jewellery is that if you give a moon necklace to your partner during a full phase, he or she will always be passionate about you! Moreover, some people are wearing earth’s satellite phase pendants which have different meanings.


Birthmoon Necklace

A unique part of the birthmoon jewellery is that the necklace shows the moon phase on the day you were born! Moreover, it can symbolise the special date in your life. The main part of this pendant is the earth’s satellite image depending on the phase of your birth date.


Phases of the Moon Necklace

There are 8 phases of the Moon: first quarter, waxing crescent, new, waning crescent, third quarter, waning gibbous, full, waxing gibbous and the first quarter. All of these phases are used in the necklaces, and all of them have different meanings.


Crescent Moon Necklace

The Crescent phase of the Moon is the most used one in the necklaces! It is the most popular one because it looks luxurious, simple, minimalistic and fits any taste. This phase is a sign of fertility, spiritual power and the cosmic events.


Opal Moon Necklace

The Moon necklace shines beautifully when it is made from the excellent quality opal! It shines in the light brilliantly; the pendant can be in any colour of gem, but the most used ones are light blue and cream colour.


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