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What is Crescent Moon?

A crescent moon is a half moon or we can say it in between half moon and a full moon. There are many phases of the moon which occurs after the full moon and continues for 15 days until fool moon again.

Crescent is the shape of the side of sphere. In this case that is the moon and in this case we can view it in nature with moon phases and we call it crescent moon.
Waning Crescent: symbolizes the removal of pessimistic vitality in your life, disposing of stuff that you know you don’t require, or those things/habits/people, and so on which are hurting you.

Waxing Crescent: symbolizes development and imagination. Too general, yet it conveys a wide range. Utilize your creative energy.
The Triple Crescent Moon

This is a complicated design where you get three crescent moon and this symbol resembles toxic sign on toxic carrying containers. They say it means birth, life and death.

What does a crescent moon necklace mean?

Crescent Moon necklace can add a sense of mystery to your aura. The moon symbol is centuries old and used by Greeks, Turks, Muslims and more. Roman and Greeks associated the crescent moon symbol with lunar gods. Roman and Greek men gift women with crescent moon necklace and believed that they will never leave you.
They are also known as half moon necklace – they are same as a crescent moon necklace.

Another form of crescent moon necklace symbol means that it gives you the power of victory over death. Also there was Greek gods Diana who was a goddess of the hunt. Some also symbolises this symbol with flying power. A crescent moon also means rebirth or new beginning.
So basically the crescent moon necklace itself does not have any meaning. The moon symbol itself had some meaning in ancient times. You can always give meaning to your moon necklace.
Upside down crescent moon necklace meaning-

There is another type of crescent moon necklace that can found on which is upside down. So what does an upside down crescent moon necklace means?
Any moon symbol is a goddess symbol. The crescent moon is upside down that does not mean it is bad.

Types of Moon necklace – Types of Crescent Moon Necklace

Antique crescent moon necklace

Antique crescent moon necklace or Vintage crescent moon necklace are those moon jewellery which is made of antique silver or gold. Or they could be of antique bronze. These also could be made of some metal which just looks old. There are many who prefer antique look and those will definitely like these type of moon necklaces.

Black crescent moon necklace

Who does not loves a black crescent moon necklace? A midnight black moon necklace can bring all the eyes in the room onto you! Do not believe it? Try it now! This black crescent moon necklace can be made of bronze, enamel and silver.

It also could be black diamond crescent moon necklace. In this case you get a diamond along with the half shaped moon.

Blue crescent moon necklace

These Blue crescent moon necklace typically have a bluish colored disk with the crescent moon. The necklace is made of metal and the chain is made of metal too. The blue disk could be of plastic and other material.
Sometimes you get blue in galaxy glass pendants. They are named galaxy glass pendants as you can actually see a galaxy in the main pendent of these necklace

Celtic crescent moon necklace jewelry

Once Celtic culture ruled almost all of Europe now they are limited to mostly Ireland. A Celtic crescent moon necklace is heavily related to their culture. They got amazing Celtic designs which will make you fall in love.

There are also Celtic trinity or three not Celtic crescent moon necklace.

Downward crescent moon necklace jewelry

Upside down or downward crescent moon jewelry necklace are created with the pointy tips of the moon to the earth. It is a sign of a goddess and typically made with gold, silver, different alloys etc. These moon jewelry is also known as tusk moon necklace.

Crescent moon jewelry necklace from mirror mirror

Crescent moon necklace from mirror mirror was worn by Julia Roberts she was the villain in that film. And many people from around the world liked that moon necklace

Crescent moon necklace from sex and the city 2

Carrie’s Crescent Moon Necklace in Sex in the City 2 is another example when jewlery worn by the stars in a show or movie gets popular and people wish to wear the same.

Upside down crescent moon with star necklace

A moon and star necklace is simply a neck lace with a moon and a start. In this case like the downward crescent moon jewlery it is upside down. This moon necklace is very unique.

Moon phases necklace

From complete darkness to a full moon there are many phases of the moon. Each moon phase got its own meaning. We can also get most of them in moon jewlery. Here are some moon phases and their meaning below!

  1. New Moon: Fresh starts or a new beginning
  2. Crescent Moon: trusts and wishes
  3. First Quarter Moon: difficulties and activity
  4. Gibbous Moon: refinement and altering
  5. Full moon: marked and stamped
  6. Half Moon on a half moon necklace: Appreciation and energy
  7. Last Quarter Moon: Discharge and pardon
  8. Balsamic Moon: surrender and recover

Moon phase jewelry does not mean these will have all the moon phases and those all are not also be necklace. Most popular moon phase jewelry are no 2, no 5.

Crescent moon necklace bone

This type of moon jewelry is made with bone, generally upside down crescent moon. Sometimes the chain is made of gold or silver.

Miley cyrus crescent moon necklace

Miley cyrus crescent moon necklace is just a double horn crescent moon necklace made using bones.

Sailor moon necklace or sailor moon jewelry.

The Sickle moon neckband looks like the one Usagi frequently wears in the anime. Yes Sailor moon is the anime and there are variety of sailor moon jewelry and necklaces are available.

Moon and stars necklace

How about you get a necklace where you get moon and stars together? This is exactly what the moon and stars necklace is. Made of bronze, steel or other materials they consists of a star and a half moon.

Now apart from star and moon you can throw sun in there too in that case it becomes sun and moon jewelry. This is also known as or sun moon necklace or sun and moon necklace set or sun moon jewelry. Sun moon jewelry can be earrings or other items but generally a half moon and a sun necklace steals the show every time.

A Star and moon necklace could also be made of gold or silver or could be of any other matel.

Moon star necklace can simply also be a sign/drawing of a star on full moon. Moon and star jewelry or crescent moon and star jewelry are the same most of the time but when it is not it takes some very different forms. Creative moon jewelry designers shine all the way.

A crescent moon and star necklace or moon and star necklace is an item, an moon jewlery where you can see some real creativity. You could see color changing galaxy in one, you can see a star in one or you can have it customize and place your image.

Do you like silver?

You can get yourself a Silver moon necklace or silver half moon necklace or any other silver moon jewelry. A crescent moon necklace made with silver will shine like a moon under bright light.

Blue moon jewelry or blue moon necklace

A blue moon is a full moon which appears in the moon phase . A blue moon is an extra full moon that shows up in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the normal logbook.

Moon ring jewelry

How about a moon on your finger? That’s what a moon ring jewelry will allow you to do. A moon ring can sport a crescent moon and a sun with it too. It can be made of coral, silver, gold and any other materials.

Moon dust necklace

Get the Actual moon with you. Yes that is what the moon dust necklace is all about. Real moon with you always. A moon rock necklace or moon rock jewelry does not really mean that it will hold a rock from the moon itself. Moon rock necklace or jewelry can come in the form of rings, necklace, bangles etc.

Moon glow jewelry or moon glow necklace

Moon glows in night sky, shows us the light. Now your moon glow jewelry or moon glow necklace can do the same! Wear moon glow necklace or rings or other type of jewelry and shine in night. Wear this to a party wait till the lights are down!!

Diamond moon necklace

Every girl loves a diamond and when the diamond gets combined with the mystery of moon jewelry – it is simply awesome.

Full moon necklace

Unlike the half moon necklace this necklace as it name suggests boasts a full moon. A full moon necklace can also be a glow in the dark necklace.

Birth moon necklace

Do you know how the moon looked when you were born? Birth Moon necklaces are created by knowing your birthday first then the shape of your moon is calculated and most of the time an actual image of the moon is used on that moon jewelry.

Crescent moon pendant necklace

Some buyers do not wish to buy the chain with the crescent moon pendant. They just like the half moon pendant and use their own necklace to wear it.

Opal moon necklace

A gemstone comprising of a quartz-such as type of hydrated silica, ordinarily semi-straightforward and indicating numerous little purposes of moving shading against a pale or dim ground. And when you get to wear this with moon jewelry it is just too good.

Moon charm necklace

Do you believe that the moon is lucky for you? You can get yourself a moon charm necklace with motivational quotes, quotes from your loved ones and more.

Tiny moon necklace or small moon necklace

If you just compare by size there could be two types of moon necklace. Tiny moon necklace or the huge moon necklace. The chain to be wore with the moon pendant could be long or short based on the user’s wish.

Moon face necklace

Some people just think that moon face necklace is creepy and childish and some just find them too good. It is up to your personal preference. A moon face moon necklace can also be crescent and with stars/galaxy. It could be of silver/gold and the face is usually curved with a happy face of the moon.

Moon goddess necklace

Moon goddess necklace or triple moon goddess necklace represent pagan goddess. Goddess Diana who was the goddess of Hunt is commonly associated with Moon goddess necklace or jewelry.

Moon child necklace

No, it is just not a child face printed on a moon. Some also refer child moon necklaces to small moon necklaces. There are also moon child necklaces which are copied from animes. There are also movies, novels on Moon child. Sometimes we also see a big moon pendant with a much smaller one!

Wild moon jewelry

Be wild like a werewolf and for that you need a wild moon jewelry. A wild moon jewelry can be a full moon jewelry or a cosmic or galaxy moon!

Owl moon necklace

A owl sitting on a crescent moon hanging from your neck. Sounds good? A owl moon necklace is exactly the jewelry that you need. It also can be a white owl as the main pendant and not the moon. In this case the half moon will be hanging from the chain near to the owl. Mostly these are created using silver and gold with highlighted owl eyes.

Amber moon jewelry

Amber is a precious stone and it can be used with a moon jewelry. That can be a necklace, crescent or full or could be any other item.

Cosmic moon necklace

Be the centre of the party by wearing a cosmic moon necklace. This moon necklace will sport a glass or metal or plastic main piece with our milkyway. If you ever feel like that you are the centre of the universe, then show other who you really are with the cosmic moon necklace.

Wolf moon jewelry

A round circle moon necklace with a moon in the background and the howling wolf in front. Sounds just right? Then wolf moon jewelleries are for you. Apart from necklace you can also find other exciting items in the wolf moon jewelry section.

Crescent moon shaped necklace and crescent moon jewelry

You only want the crescent moon or only want the half moon on the jewelry? Then half moon shaped necklace or crescent moon jewelry is the right fit for you. There are various types of half moon jewelry items that you can get your hands on and can not get your eyes off.

Heart and moon necklace

Some people find connection to the moon from their heart. This heart and moon necklace is for them. Heart and moon necklace also comes with love quotes and generally made with silver or gold and also sport a crescent moon. These moon jewelry are good gifts to your love.

Crescent moon necklace gold

A crescent moon necklace looks more beautiful for some eyes which likes when it sees gold. Be like a pirate – take everything and give nothing in return. This what the Crescent gold moon necklace migh mean to them.

Now how about a half moon necklace made of white gold?

White gold is gold but is mixed some other metals like nickel, manganese, palladium. White gold moon jewelry is also coated with rhodium so it consistently shines and it also protects the moon jewelry.

What is a Rose gold moon necklace?

Add 4% silver to 75% gold and 21% copper to give a rose shading. Red gold is regularly found in the Middle East and contains 41.67% copper. A moon jewelry created with Rose gold is attractive and costly.

A moon gold necklace or gold moon necklace could also mean that the main piece of the moon jewelry is of golden color. A gold crescent moon necklace or gold half moon necklace coupled with a gold chain or silver chain can be awesome for a gold moon jewelry lover. And you can also buy a gold half moon pendant necklace or the pendant only and wear it with your favorite chain.