A tactical pen that looks beautiful
but kicks ass and breaks glass
when needed

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Break glass with confidence using one of the strongest metals ever.

Easy to disguise from your attacker when defending yourself

Classy looks that matches your business attire or your casual dress.

Tired of carrying self defense and glass
breaker tools that are ugly?

Have you ever felt that with your current
tactical self defense tool you lose the element of surprise?

You will not anymore.

Professionally designed for business men,
students. Goes well with formal business attire or casual dresses.

Do you believe luck favors the prepared?

Easily break glass windows of car or of your house in emergency situation.

Survive. Help others! Be a Hero.

For Geeks

Aluminium alloy pen body
Glass breaker made with tungsten steel

More on Tungsten

Tungsten is a rare metal found on Earth in the form of chemical compounds. It has a metallic grey color, is brittle and hard to work. If refined to its purest form, it has a hardness that exceeds that of most steels. Of all the pure metals, tungsten has the highest melting point, lowest vapor pressure and highest tensile strength. It has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any pure metal.

Tungsten’s toughness is greatly enhanced by alloying it with steel.

Around half of all tungsten is used for the production of hard materials, principally tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is used to make knives, drills, circular saws, and lathes. The metalworking, mining, construction, and petroleum industries rely heavily on tungsten carbide tools. Tungsten is also used to make alloys. The high melting point of tungsten makes it ideal for rocket and missile manufacture.

Finally a Tactical Pen that you can show off

Strongly built as your mind is.

Writes smooth, like a pen supposed to do.